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Lone Star EBT Card

Get answers about Double Up Food Bucks Texas.


General Program Questions

Double Up matches SNAP or food stamp benefits dollar-for-dollar when they are spent at participating location. The matching Double Up dollars may be spent on Texas-grown fruits and vegetables.

Anyone receiving SNAP benefits is automatically eligible for the program. If you have a SNAP EBT Card, you are eligible for Double Up.

Double Up Food Bucks matches SNAP benefits dollar-for-dollar for purchases of Texas-grown fruits and vegetables. The program increases access to the healthy, local foods and supports local farm businesses! Learn more about the impact of Double Up on Texas farmers.

You can find grocery stores and farmers markets participating in Double Up in most major cities in Texas. The number of participating locations is growing each year! Find a location or contact us to find a participating site near you.

At the farmers market, Double Up Food Bucks can be used to purchase Texas-grown fruits and vegetables only.

At the grocery store, Double Up Food Bucks can be used to purchase any fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here's how it works.

Call our Food Access Help Desk (512) 730-1807 or your 2-1-1 to find more food resources near you.


Double Up at the Grocery Store

When you use your SNAP Card, Double Up matches your fruit and vegetable purchases.

Grocery stores may use coupons, a loyalty card, or provide an instant 50% discount.

Double Up runs throughout the year at participating stores.

Double Up Food Bucks can be spent on any fresh fruits and vegetables in the store where you earned the Double Up Food Bucks.


Shopping at the Farmers Market

For every $1 spent with your SNAP Card at participating farmers markets, you receive $1 of Double Up Food Bucks to spend on any Texas-grown fruits and vegetables, up to $30 per day.

Markets distribute Double Up Food Bucks as market dollars which can be used at any farmers market that participates in Double Up in your area.

SNAP benefits can be spent on any SNAP-eligible items at the farmers market including honey, bread, eggs, and meat.

Double Up Food Bucks can be spent on Texas-grown fruits and vegetables.

Many markets in Texas run year-long. Some markets are seasonal, particularly in the more northern parts of the state. Check our location map to see when the participating farmers markets near you are open.

Any vendor that sells fresh, Texas-grown fruits and vegetables at a participating farmers market accept Double Up Food Bucks. Check our location map to see the participating farmers markets near you.

No, the Double Up market dollars and tokens do not expire.

Yes, you can refund your SNAP market dollars. Just visit the booth you received them from, and the market staff will help you.

Only the markets in Austin currently accept WIC EBT benefits. However, many Double Up markets do offer WIC Vouchers as part of the Farmers Market Nutrition program during the summer months. Learn more here.


SNAP and Lone Star

SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) is a federal food assistance program that provides benefits to families so they may purchase food at retail outlets.

Double Up Food Bucks doubles the value of SNAP benefits spent at participating farmers markets and grocery stores.

Visit Your Texas Benefits for information about how to qualify for SNAP/EBT.

Yes, you can use your EBT card out of state. If you are visiting Texas from another state, you may also use your out-of-state SNAP EBT card in Texas as well.

You can use your SNAP card to buy any unprepared groceries and seeds or plants that produce food. Items such as alcohol, tobacco products, vitamins, and non-food household items cannot be purchased with SNAP. Any prepared, ready-to-eat hot meals may not be purchased with SNAP.